Communicate in

an emergency.

Quickly. Simply.


Time is the first and worst enemy in an emergency situation. Proper communication can change everything. Lencomms applies technology used every day to emergency communications.

Here's how it helps solve some vulnerabilities.



Lencomms makes reporting easier and more accurate. No longer do you need to remember whom to tell, how to tell them, or what to tell them. The app notifies all necessary parties for every emergency type and allows you to send media (photos or video).


Lencomms gives you two-way group communication. It allows users to connect directly with first responders, post their status and location, and send/receive proper emergency procedures and protocols. Clear communication helps limit the chaos inherent in most emergency situations.


Lencomms makes triggering an emergency efficient. Any user with permission can trigger an emergency from any connected device.


Lencomms becomes a platform and central repository for important information. Get incident source/suspect information and pictures. It provides facility maps and information to first responders. Know the location of users and injuries.


Lencomms allows simultaneous notification not sequential. You no longer have to choose whom to notify first or have to make multiple notifications. Police, fire, administrators, staff, everyone gets notified simultaneously.


Lencomms gives first responders including EMS the ability to connect with users inside a facility allowing them to render help without having to enter the facility.



Lencomms requires no hardware and there is no installation required in order for the app to work. All you need is a connected device in order to be protected and included. Even first responders from outside agencies can be added on-the-fly creating a seamless communication network accessible by all who need it.


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